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Llewyn Davis by TwistyLucy Llewyn Davis :icontwistylucy:TwistyLucy 2 0 St. Stephen's Cathedral (Cathedrale Saint Etienne) by TwistyLucy St. Stephen's Cathedral (Cathedrale Saint Etienne) :icontwistylucy:TwistyLucy 4 2 Castle of Sortelha, Sabugal, Portugal by TwistyLucy Castle of Sortelha, Sabugal, Portugal :icontwistylucy:TwistyLucy 2 0 Twilight in Nancy, France by TwistyLucy Twilight in Nancy, France :icontwistylucy:TwistyLucy 2 0 Adam Driver in bichromia by TwistyLucy Adam Driver in bichromia :icontwistylucy:TwistyLucy 2 0 Kylo Ren by TwistyLucy Kylo Ren :icontwistylucy:TwistyLucy 3 0 Unmasked and scarred Kylo Ren by TwistyLucy Unmasked and scarred Kylo Ren :icontwistylucy:TwistyLucy 1 0
Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 8
The robust soles of the young woman’s boots hit the steel floor in a perfectly regular rhythm. She kept her chin up, mentally preparing herself for her upcoming fight. She was ignorant of how it would go, for she was aware that her opponent would not be inexperienced. It was not as if she was going to measure up to a random smuggler stupid enough to forget to carry a weapon wherever they go. It would be Kylo Ren, the man whose mere name made anyone in the Galaxy shake in fear. However, that was not enough to frighten her.
Teebasha caught sight of the door of the training room far in front of her. She quickened her pace, but sudden shouts coming from the room stopped her in her tracks. Her eyebrows knitted together as she tiptoed to the door, her back to the wall. She leant closer and overheard two male voices arguing.
“Who allowed you to kill one of my soldiers, Kylo Ren?!” an unfamiliar voice blurted out with rage.
“You should probably reconsider your Stormtroo
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 7
Darkness slowly fell on Ord Mantell City, and only the lights of its core could be seen, as well as those coming from a few houses of the other quarters. The massive amount of artificial light hid the stars hanging in the sky, silently observing the planets they surrounded. Some houses fell silent, their owners heading to bed to get ready for their next day of labour, while some others went out to enjoy the nightlife of their hometown.
Teebasha wandered in the streets of the quarter where she was born, her eyes examining every detail that had seemed invisible to her as a child. A lopsided smile printed on her face, she endlessly moved forward, recognising the corners, the shops, the houses of her former neighbours, and eventually, her own one. She stood still in front of the beautiful house, all circular and tall. Her mother’s favourite flowers still followed the small path that leads to the front door, whilst some exotic bushes marked out the limits of the Varns’ property.
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 6
Teebasha struggled to follow Kylo’s quick steps through the corridors of the Finalizer, heading towards the room where they would meet Supreme Leader Snoke. She was not saying a word, being utterly nervous at the idea of finding herself face to face with the man who terrorised the entire Galaxy. Moreover, she knew she would not be alone in there, and that Kylo would stay; it felt reassuring in a way, as she was used to his presence already, yet he knew what Snoke would want to hear, whereas she had no idea.
Kylo stopped in front of a door, but did not open it straight away. Instead, he turned to his new apprentice and stared at her.
“Be careful, Varn,” he warned her, “he is the most important figure of the First Order, keep that in mind. Don’t behave like a child, and control your feelings. He won’t be there physically, but he’ll be able to read what’s in your mind nonetheless.”
“What kind of things is he going to ask me?
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 5
The Stormtroopers lined up on either side of the exit, lifting up their chins and keeping their blasters in their hands. Kylo was standing between them, facing the platform, which immediately started to lower, enabling a stronger source of light to penetrate the shuttle. When finally the short walkway touched the ground, his boots clanked as he moved forward. Teebasha followed him closely while she discovered the starship shed of the Star Destroyer for the very first time.
What struck her first were the high and neat alignments of TIE Fighters on each side of the shed, which were safely kept to the ground by thick and robust chains. She had seen them in action a few times, flying through the Galaxy when she did, but never had she realised they were this big.
Everything in the shed was clean and well-organised, yet the atmosphere was not particularly warm. The place itself seemed cold with its vastness and its metallic landscape, and the people were not any nicer. There were Stormtroope
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 4
Passers-by stopped in their tracks and stared silently and fearfully at the group making its way through the crowd. At first, they only noticed the armed people in black and white armours, pushing those who stood in their way. But then, something else caught their attention. The tall, menacing figure of the hooded man with his fists clenched as he followed and led the others at the same time. Although they were holding their breaths, the bystanders were grateful that the man did not turn his head to look at them. They were wallflowers, and they were satisfied by that.
The group reached the border of Ord Mantell City and crossed it without turning back. Teebasha, who was following Kylo closely but not too much, looked all around, trying to distract herself. Since they had left the bar, not a word had been spoken, and the only sounds they could hear were the synchronised footsteps of the Stormtroopers, and Kylo’s heavy ones. When Kylo’s Command shuttle appeared in the desert
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 3
A silhouette appeared at the exit of a tunnel hid by tall weeds and other plants, a backpack across its shoulder, and a smaller bag in its hand. It looked all around, trying to find its precise location in the dark. A bright light unexpectedly shone upon it and blinded it. The stranger lifted an arm before their eyes, attempting to identify the source of this light. A succession of beeps filled the night, and their lips curled up into a joyful grin.
The figure, who was no other than Teebasha, ran up to the droid, who had the brilliant idea of turning on the Jedi Interceptor. The hunter knelt down beside her friend and rested a hand on its side.
“It’s so great to see you! How did you know it was me?”
The large droid answered with excited beeps, bouncing from one ‘foot’ to the other. Teebasha nodded, frowning lightly.
“You saw them take me to this tunnel, then… They were right next to us since the beginning. Anyway, I’m gl
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 2
The blades of grass bending under the unexpected gust of wind welcomed Teebasha’s Interceptor. The bounty hunter landed two miles away from the lake where she knew Vonar Horle would show up for his nasty business.
The cockpit opened, and Teebasha peeped round, making sure nobody had seen them landing. She threw her bag across her shoulder after she took her blaster out of it. She jumped out of the Interceptor and let the droid close the cockpit. She squinted her eyes and took a deep breath.
“Alright, R2. I’m leaving you here. If I’m not back again tomorrow, send a message to Natelo’or.”
The droid beeped worriedly, and Teebasha turned to him with a smile.
“Don’t worry. I’ll come back as soon as I’m done there.”
She patted the droid’s head and left. The young woman hurried towards the lake, staying alert nonetheless, knowing that the region was the ideal hideout for wanted criminals. It was an almost uninhabited area
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Chapter 1
Teebasha woke up after a long, almost sleepless night. Nightmares and visions of her past life on Ord Mantell kept playing inside her head each time she would close her eyes. The darkness behind her eyelids would endlessly reveal the face of her younger sister, drenched with tears, as she would jump inside her starship without turning back. The desperate, high-pitched voice of her beloved sibling calling her name would not stop torturing her. And then, when she finally thought it was over, the figures of her crippled father and mother accentuated the feelings of pain and guilt that ripped her heart into pieces.
As soon as the first sunrays pierced the entrance of her cave, Teebasha sat up on her bed and wiped the pearls of sweat on her forehead and temples. She reached out for the bucket of fresh water she had filled before going to bed, and plunged her hands in it, splashing the liquid on her face and neck. Then, she proceeded to scrub the dirt that had gathered on her skin.
She got u
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Star Wars: The Inner Battle - Prologue
Outer space seems eternally calm in the Outer Systems. The stars dispersed in the infinite black horizon coruscate like a billion diamonds. Amongst them the different planets of the Outer Rim territories seem to be asleep. All the noises from the many cities are deadened by the distance and the unshakeable silence of space.
In the Gaulus sector, in the middle of its own system, a brownish planet named Ryloth seems brighter than its sisters. Its moons slowly spin around it, following their everlasting cycle. The many valleys and jungles of Ryloth were visible even from afar, hiding the main cities of the planet.
Suddenly, a starship appears near the planet, heading towards it. The old blue Interceptor enters the atmosphere of the planet, flying straight to the canyon outside Kala’uun. It lands on its edge, and a native creature of Ryloth rushes up to it. The cockpit opens, and the silhouette of a tall woman jumps out of it.
Teebasha Varn removes her pilot helmet, throwing it on he
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stilllife killer by Fate-Lee stilllife killer :iconfate-lee:Fate-Lee 17 14
Describing an Action
Ways to Say It
"He opened the door."
He burst into the room.
He felt the door give way.
He watched his own hands struggle against the door as they pushed it open.
He saw a group of people pan into view as the door eased open.
He couldn't remember pushing his way through the door after he had stumbled into the room.
He was barely aware of himself opening the door.
He couldn't stop himself from nudging the door open.
He might as well wear a friendly countenance now that he was opening the door.
The door opened.
The door swung open.
The door was opening.
The door was being opened.
The door creaked when he pushed it open.
The door led him into a warm, crowded room.
The heavy wooden door finally gave way, and he was soon easing himself past it.
His hand found the door, and he turned the knob and walked through.
The handle felt icy in his fingers as he opened the door.
The sound of a door swinging open caused her to jump.
Before he knew it, he was already pushing aside the door.
A war
:icondark-sheikah:dark-sheikah 123 5
The German door - Metz by Marcusion The German door - Metz :iconmarcusion:Marcusion 16 2 Irish Pub by Nylons Irish Pub :iconnylons:Nylons 26 0 Rosace - Cathedral of Metz - France by Marcusion Rosace - Cathedral of Metz - France :iconmarcusion:Marcusion 34 6 Play my angel of music by kantellis Play my angel of music :iconkantellis:kantellis 32 12 Canvas Lorrain by Dante121 Canvas Lorrain :icondante121:Dante121 67 9 The teddy bear - Metz by Marcusion The teddy bear - Metz :iconmarcusion:Marcusion 131 26 Once upon a time by Al-Baum Once upon a time :iconal-baum:Al-Baum 554 87 Ray of light - Metz by Marcusion Ray of light - Metz :iconmarcusion:Marcusion 1,048 156 Temple by Al-Baum Temple :iconal-baum:Al-Baum 485 106 John Deacon 70s by deakyontoast John Deacon 70s :icondeakyontoast:deakyontoast 7 1 Me, and my guitar by jimmypagegirl Me, and my guitar :iconjimmypagegirl:jimmypagegirl 5 15 John Deacon as a merman by deakyontoast John Deacon as a merman :icondeakyontoast:deakyontoast 8 5 [PROCESS] David Bowie made with pencils  by deakyontoast [PROCESS] David Bowie made with pencils :icondeakyontoast:deakyontoast 5 2 Bath time for kylo by BrianKesinger Bath time for kylo :iconbriankesinger:BrianKesinger 4,092 192



[ ] You carry a mirror everywhere. 
[ ] You carry beauty supplies everywhere.
[ ] You put others down.
[ ] You flaunt or brag about yourself.
[ ] The only topic that interests you is you.
[ ] You don't listen to other's problems.
[ ] You wear booty shorts. 
[ ] You wear makeup.
[ ] You enjoy attention. 
[] You like to do things YOUR way and YOUR way only.



[x] You feel negative about your body image.
[x] You don't have a lot of money.
[x] You don't have good grades. 
[x] You're insecure. 
[] Your living conditions aren't the best.
[x] You cry a lot. 
[ ] You are bullied.  
[ ] You've never been in a real relationship or have been in a bad one. 
[x] You don't attract all the guys.
[x] You think everyone else has better things. 



[x] You eat a lot. 
[x] You always get more than what you need. 
[x] You always have snacks around your house. 
[ ] You drink a lot. 
[ ] You always have a granola bar or something in your purse.
[x] You hide food. 
[x] You binge-eat. 
[ ] You are normally warm.
[ ] You can crack a lot of your bones.
[x] You often say, "I'm starving.... :cccc".



[ ] You are very sexually active.
[x] You have had three or more boyfriends.
[ ] You wear matching bras and underwear.
[ ] You wear a lot of makeup. 
[ ] You have fetishes.
[ ] You have looked up porn.
[x] You are a fan of Yaoi/Yuri.
[x] You are not a virgin.
[x] You have '"fantasized".



[ ] You have not had a real relationship.
[ ] You go to anger management classes/used to.
[ ] You have to take special pills. 
[/] You are aggressive.
[x] You hate someone.                     
[x] You have hurt someone - physically or mentally.
[ ] You back-talk people.
[x] You have gotten detention before.
[x] You get into fights - verbal or physical.
[ ] You are strong.

TOTAL: 4,5


[ ] You are wealthy.
[x] You often buy things. 
[x] You WANT instead of NEED. 
[x] You have expensive things. ( i has a horse XD )
[ ] You put yourself before others.
[x] You can tend to be a little rude.
[ ] You don't try to save money.
[ ] You own more than two cars. 
[ ] You own more than two credit cards.
[ ] You always have to look the best. 



[x] You don't do gym in school/don't try in gym.  
[x] You don't have the best grades.
[x] You procrastinate.
[x] You go to bed at ten p.m. and sleep until 12 a.m. 
[x] You often take naps.
[ ] You fall asleep in classes. 
[x] You're often called lazy.
[x] You don't participate in class. 
[x] You do the minimum amount of work. 
[ ] You seldom go to church.  



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